Whatsapp Trick How to use Watsapp With International Number

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    Apps To Get International Whatsapp Number –

    1) Groove Ip ( +1 ) – USA Number

    Turn your Android device into a free phone. Get a free US phone number that will be able to receive calls and texts from anywhere in the world. In addition, you will be able to call and text real US and Canadian phone numbers using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. GrooVe IP works on any android device, mobile phone or tablet, and allows you to make calls using the device’s data (WiFi or mobile data) connection. If you have a smart-phone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, you can use this app to convert it to a free, full-featured working phone. If you are travelling overseas, you can take your device with you and make/receive calls for free on WiFi without paying any carrier roaming charges. You get all of this without using any of your cellular minutes.

    2) Primo (+1 ) – USA Number

    Primo is the messaging app that’s also an alternative to expensive phone plans. You get the best of messaging apps and phone service with Primo. Make free international calls to over 3 billion people around the world. Calling works without data in over 60 countries on the Primo voice network. You can use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when your not near WIFI or out of data. We go where you go.Personal US Phone Numbers – Get a free unique USA phone number with your Primo Account.

    3) Next Plus ( +1) – USA Number

    Nextplus provides complete phone service packed into an app that’s free to download and fun to use!

    Calling anyone is now FREEjust like text! Sure you can pay for a phone plan but why not use Nextplus – the phone company that makes calling and texting FREE?.


    4) Voopee ( +60 )- Malaysian Number

    +Unlimited FREE HD Voice Calls & SMSes

    Voopee is a SIM-FREE mobile service that provides you an ACTUAL second mobile number on your existing smartphone without the need of an additional SIM card or phone.

    And unlike other apps, Voopee also allows you to call and text non Voopee phone numbers. To you, and anyone that you’re calling, Voopee works exactly like normal mobile services. Revolutionize your communication – download Voopee mobile app now!

    5) Smart Call ( +62 ) – Indonesia Number

    SmartCall lets you own an Indonesian mobile number for FREE for Indonesian Citizen living in foreign countries to be able to make or receive a call to or from any phone in Indonesia.

    Download SmartCall, simply register, and you’ll get your own Indonesian mobile number instantly for FREE. Share your SmartCall mobile number to your family and friends back home and they can call or SMS you at Indonesian rates. No need for an Indonesian roaming SIM card or a second phone.

    6) Swytch ( +44 ) – UK Number

    Need an additional UK mobile number on your existing device? Start making and receiving calls and text messages now with Swytch. Switch to Swytch today!

    Using data or WiFi connection, Swytch gives you access to additional mobile numbers at the touch of a button, without having to change your SIM, network operator or use the second device. What’s more, Swytch helps you avoid international call rates when calling from abroad, and doesn’t charge you a penny for incoming calls.

    7) Talk2 ( +63 ) – Philippine Number

    Talk2 allows you to own a Philippine mobile number for FREE so that your friends and family can call and SMS you at local rates. Share your Talk2 number so that you can communicate with them whether they are online or offline. Simply download, register and you are ready to go
    Talk2 is giving away 100 FREE SMS upon registration and 50 more SMS for each succeeding month. Text your friends and family in the Philippines anytime and anywhere for FREE.

    8) OnOff ( +33 ) – France Number

    The on off app allows you to add multiple phone numbers to your smartphone, instantly. Get a burner number for your social life, a second work number, or a temporary phone number to protect your privacy. Enjoy unlimited calls and free messages with other onoff Users anywhere in the world. The on off app is much more than a multiple phone number app — it offers real, permanent, temporary or disposable mobile phone numbers in multiple countries, all through your GSM network or internet connection.

    9) Mobilink ( +92 ) – Pakistan Number
    With Mobilink World you get a personal local Pakistan number which helps you connect to your loved ones at their local calling rates. World App users can make, receive calls & send SMS to Pakistan cellular and landline networksusing local Pakistan number over a data connection. The App allows relatives to stay connected at local rates irrespective of geographical boundaries.

    What To Do Next ?

    1. Download Watsapp or any other modded Apk or any..other watsapp

    2. Enter Your No. That You Get From that apps.. Use The Country Code..too

    3. You Will Get The verification code in that app only

    4. Boom..!! Enter the code.. & Enjoy watsapp with international no.

    Note - This Trick Is Only For Educational Purpose . Don't Misuse This Trick . We Are Not Responsible For Any Of Damage Caused To You

    Original Source and Credits : Parikh Bhavya

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