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    Please read this before posting anything on this forum. DO NOT SPAM IN GROUPS. We are not responsible for any content/postings and loss arising due to the same.
    How to Join a whatsapp group using the invite links?
    First Method:
    1. Click on the link you want to get added
    2. Say it to open with whatsapp
    3. If group has space , it will ask you for permission to join
    4. Say yes and enjoy.
    Second Method (If method one wont work):
    1. Copy link from the post and paste it to any chat on whatsapp
    2. Now click on link and you should be able to get added
    Forum Rules:

    1. You Should be admin of the whatsapp group posted here.
    2. Group should be public (anyone should be allowed to join)
    3. Dont ask/post for phone numbers
    4. Create a group link and post it.
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